Liturgy and Worship

Altar Servers
The Altar Servers offer their ministry to the community by assisting the priest during Mass and other
liturgies. Boys, girls, men and women may complete training and serve during Mass. Any youth whose
parents believe are ready and responsible enough to be trained and to serve as an altar server,
please contact Deacon Charlie Carignan at

Ministers of the Word are a very important part of the Mass. The Lector does not "read" but proclaims
the Word of God during the Liturgy of the Word, an ancient tradition of the Church. Lectors are
required for each of the Sunday Masses and at other special liturgies throughout the year.  No
experience is necessary, but training is required.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist assist in the distribution of Holy Communion at all Masses. By
"extraordinary" we do not mean special, distinguished or set apart.  The ordinary ministers of the
Eucharist are the priests and deacons.  Any parishioner who has been fully initiated into the
sacramental life of the church and who is at least 16 years of age may serve.  No prior experience is
needed; training is required.  Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist are scheduled by a coordinator
and commit to serve at least a monthly Mass.

Hospitality ministers help make people feel welcome. Chosen to reflect the warmth and welcome of
Christ himself, always conscious of Jesus' words:  
"I was a stranger and you welcomed me."   As the initial point of contact for people entering the
Church, the Usher sets the tone for the liturgy with their welcoming smile and greeting.  The ministry is
open to all - women and men, young and old.  Some of their primary responsibilities include:
  •   Welcoming people as they enter the Church
  •   Assisting parishioners with seating
  •   Receiving offertory collections and presenting the gifts to the priest
  •   Advising Eucharistic Ministers if someone needs to be served communion in their pew
  •   Assisting with emergency needs during Mass
  •   Distributing Church bulletins after Mass
Music Ministry
The Music Ministry is open to individuals who want to use their musical talents, either vocal or
instrumental, in worship with the community. Members participate in the regular liturgies, as well as
special services and events. There are no formal auditions for any of the choirs. Simply contact the
music coordinator for the choir of interest.

The Liturgical Environment
The Liturgical Environment Ministry carries on the task of decorating the Sanctuary throughout the
liturgical year. Committee members decorate the church for the liturgical seasons during the year.

The sacristan is needed before Sunday Mass.  Sacristans are the "homemakers" of the parish, of the
house of the church.  They work behind the scenes.  They prepare the worship spaces for the
celebration of the sacraments each week.  Their responsibility is care for the condition of the whole
room where liturgy is celebrated, as well as for the vestments, vessels, candles and preparation of the
bread and wine for each celebration.  They relieve the Presider and other ministers of tasks in the
crucial moments before and after the liturgy.  Ministry formation and training is offered.

Communion to the Sick and Homebound
This ministry ensures that those who are homebound, hospitalized or otherwise unable to attend Mass
can receive Communion on a regular basis.  Extraordinary Ministers who serve at Mass are
encouraged to participate.