Service and Parish Life

Knights of Columbus

A fraternal service organization
of Catholic men dedicated to the
principles of Charity, Unity,
Fraternity and Patriotism.  
Membership provides
opportunity for fellowship with
those who are of the same
belief, who recognize the same
duty to God, to family and to
neighbor and who stand side by
side in defense of those beliefs.
Knights are Catholic
men, 18 years of
age and older, who
are committed to
making their
community a better
place.  Activities
center on church,
youth, community
and family.
The Women's Guild offer stimulating
opportunities for the women of the
parish to get involved in our parish and
to meet new friends. All the women of
the parish are members of the guild
and are invited to the monthly
meetings on the third weekend.

For more information please contact Jillian Guidry

The Women's Guild

Ladies Auxiliary

We are a social and
charitable organization
that assists in promoting
the activities of the Knights
of Columbus as well as
Vacation Bible School.  
Membership to the Ladies
of Columbus is open to all
the wives of the Knights.