China’s unique martial arts culture

Asian Heart Network (Reporter Yan laugh then map / reporter Ma Yuanshe) August 3, sun in the sky, eleven martial martial arts masters gathered Tianshan Kalajun prairie show this unique martial arts sects. The audience screams,magasin moncler moncler en solde, cheers, applause after another, a legendary martial arts feast to the audience an eye-opener.

One of the organizers of the symposium,sac moncler manteau homme moncler, the director of the Beijing Cultural Resources Research Center, Peking University Distinguished Professor, Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Promotion Center director, said Kung, organized symposium is just one form, I hope everyone’s attention traditional Chinese martial arts and traditional culture they represent. He believes that today people know martial arts into a misunderstanding, that it is just an athletic sport. In fact, the profound esoteric martial, blend medicine, Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, I Ching and other Chinese culture, China’s unique martial arts culture.

Martial arts master on stage to display their factions unique skills, soft as water,, just deafening, or hardness with softness. Brisk fly rod who make such Soaring guns were vigorous and effective but also changes with emotion, light show fan dance fan who was supremely Lidi, who I spend Fuliu wear light Tasui step.

Absolutely fine martial arts factions have their place, so profound grasp of martial arts, the martial art practitioners also pains. Contemporary martial arts practice martial arts factions is how it?

Leg strength training: 62 pounds more than 40 pounds of iron bars, iron shoes

Wu Tai Chi Sun Jianguo, a descendant of Chinese breasted dress,nike pas chères nike tn requin pas cher,, presentation Wu Tai Chi Chuan is not secret power. Wu Tai Chi Tai Chi is one of the five traditional schools of Chinese Qing Xianfeng scholar Wu Yu-hsiang by Hebei founded, there is “the home of boxing is not rumor,” said. “In order to Taiji (the shape) based, interior strength to go to Italy qi, practicing fine, gas,nike air max femme pas chere nike air 95, God three-in-one.” Martial art characterized by its “due to enemy changes, leveraging the beat.” I saw the Sun Jianguo began to move soothing, graceful, suddenly shot between the eyes coldness, “Well”, “Ha” sound crews are moving, changing twinkling mountain Minglei move, there is an atmosphere of irresistible force, the audience Suddenly excited, screaming one.

Wu Tai Chi Sun Jianguo this generation began to spread outwards apprentices, “We never rumored this school because it was created by the writers of martial arts, martial arts person must have a certain cultural essence of martial arts skills before being realized.” Sun Jianguo said.

Sun Jianguo, usually in addition to reading the classics, but also painstakingly try to figure out practicing martial arts,site air max 90 pas cher nike air max 95 noir, Tai Chi Wu, “Well,offerta piumini moncler, ha” fat gas, highly martial, when gas evolution can put two or three hundred kilos of stuff fell out.

Sun Jianguo leg strength for exercise,, 62 pounds of homemade one pair of iron shoes, often wear this shoe to practice tai chi, roots, five or six ordinary encircle the shake of not moving. His 10-year-old school Wu, 16-year-old apprentice, 50-year-old, he still has to wear iron shoes, hand-held practice of more than 40 pounds of iron bars.

“Weapons of people eat bitter,, endure loneliness, but also carefully study, in order to have the repair.” He says with a laugh, a young man had to attend in the mountains, hunger a full meal,new f50 chaussures de foot homme, but in order to pursue the highest level of martial arts never thought of giving up, he was still on the road today to attend the.

Practice Shoujin: insert iron ore iron ball hanging

Emei head Wu Xinliang a bunt dress, performing the Emei stunt “twenty-four close by child,” I saw him “blowing air” force, to “move if the rabbits’ speed in a minute to complete his hand, palm , shoulder, elbow, and other 24 kinds of melee by way changed.

This year 62-year-old Wu Xinliang, thin lean, sharp-eyed. He said: “This stunt to gas Yunjin, every action can knock down the other side.” Emei Martial Arts stresses “clap head shot”, emphasizing the power of my practice palm.

Wu Xinliang martial arts since childhood, 20-year-old teacher with learning Iron Palm training methods. Iron Palm are hard qigong category, is a masculine way. When practicing “spit gas from the pubic region, to note the palm. Beginning in real hard, exhaled shall open sound.” Exercise Iron Palm person more than three years, with the little finger gently Qiaoxia hands of ordinary people, the other will immediately bruising. “Iron Palm in our generation has rarely practiced.” Wu Xinliang frustration.

In order to exercise Shoujin young Wu Xinliang, learning plug green beans, a bowl enlarge Banpen green beans, green beans clip finger joints together, practice half an hour a day, can not let the hand skin injuries,chaussure sport nike nike air jordan pas cher homme, then rub wine. After practicing for two months, the wine of iron ore mixed with piping hot fried, hand inserted iron ore,stores like abercrombie kids abercrombie and fitch edinburgh,, long-term practice, after each exercise towel to wipe wine, after a long practice, the hand of the epidermis killed, fingers stiffen, hand pain nerve palsy will over time become a strong force of hands, with long-term treatment of wine, there will be a hands-toxic, strong attack.

In addition to iron ore still hanging iron balls inserted,hogan firenze outlet acquisto scarpe hogan online, practitioners squat by holding an iron chopsticks, chopsticks hanging on an iron ball, go down, hanging up, repeatedly, Wu Xinliang,moncler skimode giacconi moncler, said: “In the beginning I only able to lift 20 pounds, some time after practice to add some weight, then can lift a 100-pound iron ball. ”

Basic skills: 39 winter training and dog day of summer practice

“39 winter training dog day of summer practice,” martial arts who is still practicing traditional methods. Chang Jia Quan Liu Yiming has followed the previous generation head of the head of the old saying, before the contest, he took two disciples wore 30 degrees Celsius temperature, practicing martial arts. “Sets boxing beat down, took off his vest a twist,designer of abercrombie and fitch abercrombie and fitch official website, sweat crashed down stream.” He said with a smile. He believes that hard work plus studying martial arts person is an essential quality.

Shaolin monk Shi De toward the yellow robes, wearing beads term, long beard fluttering with one figure who trained, he played would attract waves of screams. His hands clasped together salute,, to show the audience a Shaolin Fist. In addition to the usual interpretation of Germany towards practicing martial arts, but also with a brush to write lower case, copying Buddhist classics, he brought this to the audience’s blessing scroll up to 50 meters above his brush with more than six months to write the lower case Diamond After and other Buddhist scriptures. He said: “Writing is a way practicing martial arts, traditional martial Xiuwen martial arts complement each other.”

Laoshan send charitable door fourth generation head qigong performances this door, he gently stomping on Dangdang loud bang shook the table, he said:. “Ancients attention to midnight practice, you can get through the meridians, in favor of luck,,” he General daily 23:00 to 3:00 practice, before practice, not eating within 1 hour after practice to be carried out when the fresh air, but not the wind.

Chen Shifu 12-year-old apprentice to learn the Laoshan send a formal power within the family, learned Shaolin martial arts before six or seven years,, “we have people pay attention to martial arts Emptiness natural, in fact, have to start practicing basic skills within the family martial arts exercises, Zama step, learning routines and the like, internal strength is the top martial arts and Taoist cultural similarities, civil and martial arts. ”

(Original title: Secret superior martial arts symposium How to Make)

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