and then to Zhang

(Reporter Pei Xiaolan) National Medical Examination Center of questions to develop a former staff Yemou with watch with a camera, captured the national qualification examination papers,,shox rivalry pas cher, for resale to a friend Zhang training courses to make money. Reporters learned yesterday,, the Second City Court of Final Appeal found guilty of deliberately leaking state secrets Yemou sentenced to prison for four years.

Before the incident, 34-year-old is Yemou National Medical Examination Center of questions developed a staff, is responsible for national qualification examination (clinical category) Questions development work. Since 2007 his friend Zhang incorporated company with others, doing consulting and training physician exam. According Yemou confession, 2009, Zhang put forward his wife to attend the medical examination, wanted him to help find exam questions and answers, he agreed, but raised questions exist unit computer can not be copied. After Zhang gave him a watch with a recording device. In July, 2009 the National Medical Licensing Examination clinical practitioner crossing draft (into the door to the former version) into a roll,sito ufficiale hogan outlet hogan 37, he was responsible for proofreading,outlet online moncler, then log on classified servers, with a copy to the next home to watch the draft recorded after crossing the U disk, and then to Zhang, Zhang told a total of four sets of crossing draft papers,chaussure de basket air jordan, which set the final examinations do not know. After the incident, identified by the State Secrecy Bureau, these materials secret level state secrets 18, 6 secret level state secrets.

Zhang confessed that Yemou was asked before, so he do not let people know, not rumor. But after he acquires the material, between July 2009 to September, together with its three employees,shox rivalry pas cher tn tuned 1, physicians qualified to offer training courses in the name of quality,, in Shandong, Tianjin and other places to contact the questions of the candidates need to buy. To prevent an accident, they sent someone to the title, closed on student training,, supervision recite the above materials leaked to dozens of candidates. In the meantime, Zhang will also answer questions to the often copied part to the company to help Zhao,, profit 150,000 yuan. Zhao also together with others, in Beijing,,nike air max marron nike air blanc, Shanxi and other questions of the candidates need to purchase links to dozens of candidates to disclose answer questions. Identified by the State Secrecy Bureau,air max 1 soldes, Zhao leaked material as confidential state secrets level 12. It is understood that the purchase questions of the candidates spent per person ranged from 20,000 to 50,000 yuan. Including two candidates to negotiate Daily News courses and purchase questions,outlet milano moncler moncler collezione inverno 2013, answers questions after a person receives from Zhao Department via e-mail, part of which will be sent to another person, who then will receive the material forwarded to colleagues.

East Court hearing,, Yemou of First Instance found,moncler outlet store, Zhang,adidas gsg9, Zhao and other people’s behavior had constituted the crime of deliberately leaking state secrets and sentenced them to imprisonment for four and a half years to one year and a half dollars. Two candidates were confirmed to constitute the crime of illegally obtaining state secrets,nike pas chères nike pour homme, were sentenced to detention for three months and four months detention, suspended for six months. After the announcement,basket nike solde nike en ligne,, and other four defendants Yemou appeal, some believe that the sentence is too heavy, and some that they do not constitute a crime, but were the Second City Court rejected.

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