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who lives nearby, really should be a good pipe, this is too detrimental to the image of the city .Location: Haishu District Zhongshan ParkBy night sexual services, the elderly become a “meat and potatoes”On Thursday evening, the reporter went Haishu District, Zhongshan Park. Zhongshan Park is a large park in Ningbo city, many pavilions, rockeries, ponds, is a good place for nearby residents for recreation. Surrounded by some of the old community, many of the elderly are often gathering in the park’s pavilion, singing, playing chess, entertain.However, for the public is such a casual place to enjoy a good nature, actually there are unsightly sexual services, the only difference is the time to become a night. Although not as lively at night as during the day.

See the old man did not respond, she directly to the old man’s hand to his chest, kept rubbing.”This kind of behavior is fairly good, there is more unbearable, these people will pull on the old bridge in the trees go.” Said Mr. Wang, who lives nearby, this situation already exists in a long time.Two in the bush to make a very indecent actReporters spent in the park soon after discovered the secret of the bushes. Time was 11:00, one wearing a white short-sleeved plaid shirt bald man riding electric car stopped at a place women chat. He was wearing a short-sleeved shirt with a pink, after talking to a few women wearing a cap, he parked the car battery, got into the bushes near the bridge. Not long after, the woman also went into the room trailing.This in the end is what to do? “You touch her, she touched you.

just touch, once 10 dollars.” A passing man saw this scene, it is common to say that such a one. Then, the man lying on the railing of the bridge to the inside to visit. Because it is near the southern Yanwu Street, near the crossing of vehicles more, the noise is relatively large. But reporters could hear the trees still faintly heard all sorts of unusual sounds. Reporter approached to see, suddenly scared to – man reached into the woman’s breasts are, manipulation was touching … Just when the two men made a very indecent act, walking the passing of the elderly have stopped pace, looking curiously into the bush. So, after five minutes or so, men go first out. Subsequently, that middle-aged women tidy clothes out of the bushes. “See what see, what nice!” Facing the crowd of people that the woman not only has no shyness, but blamed up.”They are these people really immoral, white world would do such a thing. This park is simply to become their stronghold.” Chen told reporters.

chairs corridor completed.

the woman finally gave up, and then went looking for the next “customer.”Rockery years to become the most important place for women to provide servicesHowever, like the uncle who was flirting but steady as a rock above is only part of it. Reporters observed that many women encounter uncle after flirting ambiguous, or pulled pulled For yet rejected, or talk quite well start trading.In Zhongshan Park stadium door, is a large rockery. There is a similar cave rockery where there are rocks around three sides, only one side can be seen, and there are blind spots in the line of sight, a sight not in the end. This place is a bunch of women most major location service.But there are some deals are on the bench.

there will be a lot of older people walk in the park. At the same time, women who provide sexual services Chenzheyese also started out. Saw the old man walking alone, they will go strike up a conversation, flirting, began their business.They “do business” approach and women piano east park similar. Carrying a small, relatively cool wearing clothes, walked inside the park, watching the older people around, saw relatively easy to use it up “soliciting.”Reporters saw, where a middle-aged woman came to sit on a stone bench in front of the old man, with a finger to touch a bit frivolous old man, asked “Do you want to play with” kind of thing. Grandfather saw this scene, quickly shook his head, waved. But the woman still refused to give up and continue to tease. Grandfather still waved helplessly, shaking his head, pulling on women, touching ignored. Upon seeing this.

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