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Wang Min of Health said that at present many significant events took place in Taiwan to be solved, Su Tseng-chang will be the first to do this either party chairman as a priority. (China Taiwan Network Zhou Jian)(Original title: DPP Chairman Tsai to run for office: Tsai is currently no i Two year old girl suddenly fall from the 10th floor height, seeing will soon become a tragedy. Suddenly, the woman crossing arms RULE not hesitate an instant rush ,, huge impact Knocked fracture. Innocent girl’s life was saved.Source: CCTV News ChannelFrom the 2nd, which occurred in a district of Hangzhou, thrilling and touching scene, the heat transfer on the network, many netizens visibly moved, said the girl’s hand to catch a hero mom RULE falls as “the most beautiful mother.”Children falling from the 10 floor residentialAt 12:15 on the 2nd, the very fact that Platinum Coast area residents holding his son 15 months in the garden walk.

a lot of people holds her up together,nike tn 2014, I ran over to pick up the child,nike free run 5.0, the child froze a moment,hollister france, crying out loud.” Pingqing Zheng recalls that kids only some skin trauma.After witnessing the same thing owners Sister Yu said: “I thought that lady was a child my mother,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, I see her without thinking directly in the past to catch a child, really,hogan outlet, we were just beside hurry, but no one thought to be rushed to pick up their children. “Then, save the lady was taken to hospital.Residential property owners who opened on the owners forum posts specifically for children and accidentally falls brave lady who pray.Save people who multi-stage fracture radius and ulna3 afternoon, reporters in Hangzhou,louboutin pas cher, Fuyang City Orthopedics Hospital ward to see the result of the third floor was fearless rescue netizens called “the most beautiful mother” RULE.RULE lying on the bed, the body is less than 1 meter 6 wrapped in a thin cotton skirt small ocean, the left arm was wrapped up in thick bandages. Written on her bedside medical card “RULE 1980 born.

suddenly heard a child crying over our heads, but also heard a woman shout, “Do not climb!”Cries the old lady standing on the 22 10th-floor balcony,red toms, Unit 3, the very fact that Aunt facing along the direction of view,cheap jordans online, on the windowsill found a family, actually sat a small child. “I looked at the kids first leg taken out of the window,nike tn 2014, and then pulled his hand window, soon cross the left leg out. Kids climb quickly, only about one minute,toms shoes outlet, the people hung on the window sill of the . “Room 901, Unit 2, Mr. Ban said, “I saw a child, she had hung on the balcony, and two hands straining clinging to the ledge, the foot is vacant.” Mr. Ban immediately pulled an 2.5 meters from home ladder. Balcony and bedroom windowsill 1001 901, a distance of about three meters diagonally,giuseppe zanotti outlet, Mr. Ban stretch out his arm to move the ladder, trying to catch a child’s foot, can only meet the child’s ladder front foot.Mr. Ban said: “I want her legs stuck in the grid wooden ladder,hogan scarpe, then pulled back while the children go upstairs called the family and told the children who Open the door to save the house.”Mr. Ban’s brother ran upstairs and saw the door of the child’s grandmother was 1001 breaking across households to help. But how to open the door.Adhere to one minute on the windowsill.

multi-segment left radius and ulna fractures.”"Radius and ulna are the most delicate human arm a bone, not only play a supportive role, also responsible for the arm rotation.” Doctor, vice president of RULE famous orthopedic specialists, he told reporters,air max femme pas cher, like RULE Such injuries, fractures of the radius and ulna Operator very serious.Kim, vice president, said she was risking their lives to do this good thing. “If the child is a little deviation,cheap jordans, fell on her neck, she may paraplegic; fall on the head, died on the spot could.” Golden vice president can not help feeling, “I’m also a 15-year-old boy’s father, my great admiration. Ms. Wu, this is a great mother! “Kim, vice president, said,basket nike tn pas cher, Fuyang City Orthopedics Hospital treatment more than 2000 cases per year radius and ulna fracture patients are confident that Ms. Wu cure. Currently, it is estimated to be hospitalized three weeks. Returned to three months.

the child finally support him,red bottom sandals, fell down. “I saw a child let go, use a ladder block a bit, but did not block.” Mr. Ban last effort, so that the child’s body in the air, turn right direction. The child’s head back,hollister paris adresse, lying face down on a flat fell down.Strange woman rushed to saveResidential property security Pingqing Zheng said that at the critical moment, a lady from the crowd stride out with both hands to catch the child,Giuseppe Zanotti Pas Cher, and the child together and then fell heavily to the ground.”I just remember the lady lying on the ground and burst into tears, probably too much pain.


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