nike jordan so I do not need illustrator behind the works

is the theory, the theory of ancient calligraphy, literature,nike jordan, and even music theory, philosophy has close relations hybridity, sometimes regardless of you and me. So, read the artist’s vision can not be confined to painting theory, ancient philosophy books to look at,giuseppe shoes men, look on the book,hogan, and even poetry and fiction, architectural culture also need to understand. Understand how to know how much, in short, do no harm.Specific to my literary reading situation, not by much reading modern literature, but Lu Xun, Mr. Qian and other text still left me a deep impression. Mr. Lu Xun’s words full of indignant force,bottines femme, thinking deep insight sharp. His analysis of the national character,nike id, the current situation of the review, the position of the stick intellectuals are superior. I have read many of his novels, written very exciting. It has been suggested that there is no lengthy Lu Xun’s novel, only in short, does not have the master’s components. But I think this is prejudice. Like painting, as if an artist is no giant system, only sketches,toms shoes outlet, but his artistic skills is deep.

did not affect his reputation and status. The Evaluation art, eventually returned to the work itself, not the key external factors.Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shaanxi Writers overall strength is betterContemporary literature I’d read a lot. That was the late 1970s to the early 1990s, I had a friend in the publishing house, he often let me go to the “Flower City” magazine, “Essay” literary magazines and some books to be published to do illustrations. Now give literary works with pictures, certainly first story of the works,jordans shoes, thoughts and feelings,toms for men, characters pretty good idea, so studying a lot of literary works,outlet hogan, almost all read each issue,escarpins louboutin soldes, so I do not need illustrator behind the works, I could not help but read.That time is the time liang heyday. His work is not particularly large.

2000,cheap toms shoes, the former mayor of Wenling City, Zhou Jian was sentenced to life imprisonment for taking bribes.

reflect the social reality is more direct. The literature is an art of writing, thinking some more profound, more flexible and more delicate expression secluded secret some. On the ideological aspect,chaussure louboutin, the artist should learn to writer. I myself have been very pleased with the writer friends.Now is the era of pictures, the status of literature is no longer prominent,zanotti shoes, gradually marginalized,toms shoes sale, this is a historical change, it is difficult to reverse this trend. However, if people do not read the literature, not reading, it is also very dangerous cultural situation. You see a lot of film and television works now, even the basic story all speak well, full of loopholes, why not? Is that the screenwriter and director of literary skills bad. And people without hesitation, fanatical chase, it will reduce their level of aesthetic judgment and acceptance,toms online sale, and ultimately have a negative impact on the cultural quality of the whole nation.Recommended book listCao Xueqin: “Dream of Red Mansions”Sikongtu: “Twenty-four Poems”Baihua: “Aesthetics walk”Fuguan: “Chinese ArRecently, the Guangdong Provincial High Court in online publicity on 733 criminal cases commuted by the media attention. Experts said that for commutation,toms store, parole, medical parole decision case online public, to ensure that such cases can be carried out in the sun. Beijing News reporter combing found such cases,air jordan, some “minus false security” case exists fraud phenomenon.They use these methods reduce the punishment “Actively writing” typeSeptember 18.

and mostly short stories,kids toms outlet, but after each work out, both have a great effect in the literary world, such as “Body and Soul”, “green tree”, “half a man is a woman” and so on. Many of his works I have seen, but without losing the poetic text dignified, simple style of writing another speculative colors, really fascinating. Guangdong where there are many very good writer, but the overall strength is not such as Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Shandong and other places. For example Qin Mu, he is a first-class writer, the text is too beautiful. My most memorable was his collection of essays “Yihaishibei” plain text see the true, the truth, and the truth. I have seen Mr. Chin, he is very self-cultivation, revealed between moderate and rustic manners, like his character the same.Art as a form of images.


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