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eye, “not to force” the. Reading for a long time, the eyes is very painful. When young no more books, now repentant.Artist vision can not be limited to painting theory”Wenxindiaolong” It was talking about literature,toms wedges, but also involves a lot of basic theories of art, is very exciting, but I ultimately did not fully read down a little pity. Now,christian louboutin loafers, I still clearly remember those words touching. “Thinking Man also, its far from the truth of God, so silent condensate into account, then while you’re thinking; Cho Yan moved, Vision miles between chant,air max homme, the sound of breathing bead; Before imminent, roll color.” It is about the idea of � rtistic creation, a few words will be able to complex mental activity before art depicted so vividly,cheap jordan shoes, specifically, really too clear. The book he wrote: “Man becomes infected almost the world situation, Rise and Fall of the Department of almost timing.” Is not that Shi Tao “When the ink with the times,” another way of saying it? And time is more distant, more thorough reasoning. Art is inseparable from the era, or political and social atmosphere.

I had a friend in the publishing house, he often let me go to the “Flower City” magazine, “Essay” literary magazines and some books to be published to do illustrations.

regions and strengthen special rectification activities, improve regulatory enforcement team,chaussures louboutin homme pas cher, improve technical equipment. Integrity and self-discipline to carry out education and training in food safety knowledge, integrity and ethical system to accelerate the construction industry to promote food safety legislative process industry, from the legal,hollister pas cher, institutional guarantee food safety. (End)(Original title: CASS Blue Book: a majority of respondents were worried about fooInterview / Organize Favorites Weekly reporter Han Wen helpSpeaking of reading this, I am a little ashamed. I went to school, and after a long period of work experience, reading is not much in this regard have not paid enough attention from the entire era of reading, on the one hand because of his knowledge and initiative is not enough. Slowly, I am happy to read, but suffering from eye diseases.

and even poetry and fiction,abercrombie pas cher, architectural culture also need to understand. Understand how to know how much, in short, do no harm.Specific to my literary reading situation, not by much reading modern literature, but Lu Xun, Mr. Qian and other text still left me a deep impression. Mr. Lu Xun’s words full of indignant force, thinking deep insight sharp. His analysis of the national character,hollister sverige, the current situation of the review, the position of the stick intellectuals are superior. I have read many of his novels,newest jordans, written very exciting. It has been suggested that there is no lengthy Lu Xun’s novel,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, only in short,louboutin pas chere, does not have the master’s components. But I think this is prejudice. Like painting, as if an artist is no giant system, only sketches, but his artistic skills is deep, did not affect his reputation and status. The Evaluation art, eventually returned to the work itself,louboutin pas cher homme, not the key external factors.Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shaanxi Writers overall strength is betterContemporary literature I’d read a lot. That was the late 1970s to the early 1990s.

culture and folk customs of an era is always explicitly or implicitly,toms on sale, or concentration or short literary works projected to go.Sentence like this abound in the ancient classics, “nature outside, in the heart of the source”,abercrombie, “antelope hanging corner,hogan milano, without a trace rectifiable” … read these words, you are not convinced you? Can even be said that all we say today that the controversy,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, can be found in the shadow of the ancient times, find basis. Therefore, the artist can not fail to look at the paintings on the, otherwise, speech that is false.Ancient Chinese Painting mode of existence there is an important feature, is the theory, the theory of ancient calligraphy,nike factory outlet, literature, and even music theory, philosophy has close relations hybridity, sometimes regardless of you and me. So, read the artist’s vision can not be confined to painting theory, ancient philosophy books to look at, look on the book.


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